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Welcome to Support Fox Hunting, now incorporating Support Game Shooting.

Use the links above to find information about hunting &shooting, the latest news, as well as background and kids information.

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The Support Hunting Association is one of the UK's most prominent pro-hunting organisations, now incorporating issues related to Game Shooting, Fox Hunting and Angling.
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Facts & Figures - On hunting in general
Newspaper Articles - Hunting news from the press
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Hunting Bill - The latest information
The Scottish ban - A full guide to the ban.

News Centre - Visit our Brand New News Centre
Latest Hunting News - All the latest hunting news
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Have you seen these pages?
Police View of a hunting ban - Two chief constables voice their concern on a ban on hunting.
Timelines -On the current Hunting Bill, the attempts to ban hunting, and on the ban in Scotland.
Hunting vs. Human Rights - Parliament has advised that the Hunting Bill is incompatible with the Human Rights Act.


The ban has guaranteed that the time and money invested by the League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA has increased animal suffering. We told them this would happen. This rise in suffering since the ban is the cost of ignoring that warning!
Daily Telegraph
3 May 2005.

Numerous police officers accompanied the more than 250 hunts which took place yesterday, the first day that the sport became illegal. Despite the friendly exchanges between officers and huntsmen and women, the presence of the police posed a question: what public good were they trying to uphold?
Daily Telegraph
20 February 2005.
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Established in late 2002 - as the Government introduced the Hunting Bill 2003 - we are based in Yorkshire and aim to provide a focal point for supporters of hunting and the countryside. Although we are in no way related to the Countryside Alliance or the Master of the Foxhounds Association, we fully support their activities and take part where appropriate.
Although our site is way behind established and experienced sites such as, we have grown massively since our launch and last year became the biggest independent support hunting site in the UK.
Our new site - launched September 2004 - now incorporates issues relating to Game Shooting and Angling as well as Hunting.

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