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The Support Hunting Association is one of the UK's most prominent pro-hunting organisations, now incorporating issues related to Game Shooting, Fox Hunting and Angling.
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The ban has guaranteed that the time and money invested by the League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA has increased animal suffering. We told them this would happen. This rise in suffering since the ban is the cost of ignoring that warning!
Daily Telegraph
3 May 2005.

Numerous police officers accompanied the more than 250 hunts which took place yesterday, the first day that the sport became illegal. Despite the friendly exchanges between officers and huntsmen and women, the presence of the police posed a question: what public good were they trying to uphold?
Daily Telegraph
20 February 2005.
Declaration Day - 1 November 2003

On Saturday 1st November thousands turned out in support of hunting as the new season began. At the same time over 35,000 people signed the Hunting Declaration, vowing to break the biased law.

Hunter with hounds and "say no to unjust law" banner. Reuters.The event gained massive media coverage, the BBC, Sky News and the ITV News Channel had regular live broadcasts from the event taking place in Trimdon, County Durham - Tony Blair's constituency.

The coverage was positive and the turnout at the events was overwhelming.

The declaration commits activists to disobey, peacefully, any ban on hunting and then face the legal consequences. The League Against Cruel Sports proudly stated "If you break the law you will face the consequences" - just in case the supporters were unclear.

How many signed where?
Rydal Showground, Cumbria: 1102
Worcester Lodge, Badminton: 4400
Newbury Showground: 3400
Lower Haysden, Tonbridge: 3500
Higham Point-to-Point, East Anglia: 2344
Melton Aerodrome, Melton Mowbray: 3300
3 Counties Showground, Great Malvern: 3600
Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells: 3000
Hall lane Farm, Warrington: 1823
Birdsall, Yorkshire: 2340
Trimdon, County Durham: 2100
Honiton Showground: 4200
Total: 42609 (inc. 7500 previously signed)

Figures from the Countryside Alliance.
Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, told a gathering at the Newbury Showground in Berkshire: "Our common bond is a simple message. The message is 'No to unjust law'.

" I will not stand by and see the destruction of jobs, of communities, of my friends and my family and your friends and your family."

Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, John Jackson said
'Respect for the law is one of the essential foundations on which any stable democracy must rest. Breaking the law is wrong. Even in the case of a victimless crime, breaking the law is unfair to the rest of society. But what if the law itself is unfair?'

The chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, Douglas Batchelor, said the protesters were clearly wrong.

" What you're seeing... is people who are saying they can't accept the judgement of parliament or the tide of history, that these cruel and barbaric sports should be banned."

Among other pathetic comments from anti's were
"let them go to jail, it's the best place for them", as well as:

"This silly, cruel and barbaric upper-class tradition has gone on long enough. Its time it was ended.", and

"Will a supporter of these hunts please explain to us how they differ from Badger Baiting, Cock Fighting, Bear Baiting and other banned cruel so called sports?"

There we have it - its an "upper-class tradition" so it must be banned. Animal welfare / cruelty? What are they?

The high spirits didn't last all weekend however.

On Sky News' 'Sunday' programme, the Leader of the House of Commons, Peter Hain, a known total-ban supporter, said the House of Lords would not be allowed to continue to block legislation on hunting with hounds.

Referring to the fall of the recent bill in the lords, due to time constraints, he said:

" We have seen the most flagrant abuse of the House of Lords' power to destroy a bill, massively voted for in the House of Commons, successively endorsed in our general election manifestos.

" That is the real choice here. Can we continue to allow the House of Lords to defy the House of Commons and the will of the people who voted this Labour Government in with a mandate to ban cruelty to animals?

" We will have to find a way of ensuring that a ban on cruelty to animals, which was what the House of Commons voted for overwhelmingly and what the people supported in two general elections, is implemented."

He failed to answer whether he was talking about an outright ban or the compromise option initially favoured by ministers.

The Sunday Telegraph quotes Lord Donoughue, a Labour peer and former agriculture minister, as saying: "The idea that the hunting ban ran into the sand because of the Tory toffs is absolute balls. The Government cannot get Labour support for it in the Lords." (80% of Labour peers failed to back their own party's bill).

Also this morning, on BBC's 'Breakfast with Frost', Lord Falconer said, referring to whether the government planned to use the Parliament Act, that he could not reveal what would be in this month's Queen's Speech.

Asked about the threats to ignore the ban, Lord Falconer said: "Whatever conclusion Parliament reaches the law has got to be obeyed. That's the way our society has always operated."

There is one good thing about Labours obsession with hunting - it ensures that they don't forget that the countryside exists at all.

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